Scam Links Directory

Below, you will find links to external websites that give details about 419 fraud and other forms of internet fraud, these links will be updated regularly, if you notice a dead link, please let me know about it so that it can be updated or removed. If you run a website that deals with any form of fraud, and would like to exchange links, please send me an email using the e-mail link at the top of the page.

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Scam Links Directory

Scam Victim Warning Sites – Informing & assisting victims of internet fraud – Offering support and resources to victims of fraud

419 Information Sites In English Language

419 Eater – Welcome to the world of Scambaiting – Informing & assisting victims of internet fraud
Artists Against 419 – The site & forum that fake scammer websites fear
419 Fake Bank Databse – Artists Against 419’s database of fake scam sites Report all scams here, empowering people with information to protect themselves and others. – Advance fee fraud detection, education, eradication
419 Romance Scams – Support & information for victims of romance scams
Joe Wein 419 Blacklist – 419 advance fee & fake lottery scams
Expert Law – Nigerian Email Fraud – 419 Scams
The 419 Coalition Website – The Nigerian scam defined
Crime Online Info – Crime-Online conference room & crime blog
Nigerian 4-1-9 Scam – Quatloos cyber museum of scams & frauds
Nigerian Scam – Snopes on the 419 scam
Nigerian Frauds – The Freeman Institute literature on 419
Nigeria to tackle e-mail scams – BBC scam news item
West African criminal networks in Southern Africa – Research paper on crime
Western Union security advice – Western Union security questions/answers
The lure of easy money – UK newspaper item about Nigerian cyber criminals
Online scams create “Yahoo! millionaires” – CNN scam news item

419 Information Sites In Other Languages

Scambaiter Deutschland – In German
Nigeria-Connection – In German
Mugumania – In German
Fraude Nigériane – In French
Nigeriabreven – 419 Sverige – In Swedish

IP Address Tracking Sites

Info Sniper – A free service to geolocate IP addresses and domain names, provides extra information like provider, country, city and whois information.

IP Tracker Online – Track the IP address and location of people who email you, handy to know if a potential scammer tells you they’re in one place, but this tool shows where they’re really emailing from.

Police, Government & Embassy Scam Alerts


Interpol – Advanced fee fraud: 4-1-9 letters (Nigerian letters)
UK Police Fraud Alert
Canadian Police
South African Police
New Zealand Police
Dutch/US Consulate
EFCC Nigeria
US Secret Service
US Dept of Justice
Dutch Embassy
Iowa Attorney General
Secret Service Offices

US Sites on 419

US & Dutch Consulate – Advance fee fraud scheme alert
US Secret Service – Financial crimes & advance fee fraud
US Department Of Justice – Internet fraud
Iowa Attorney General – Nigerian counterfeit check scam warning
U.S. Secret Service – USSS Field Offices
The “Nigerian” Scam: Costly Compassion – FTC consumer fraud alert
Common Fraud Schemes – PDF download
Investigating and Prosecuting Nigerian Fraud (see page 40) – PDF download
US State Department on Advance Fee Fraud – PDF download

Canadian Sites on 419

Advance Fee Fraud – Royal Canadian Mounted Police fraud warnings

UK Sites on 419

West African advance fee fraud – Metropolitan Police fraud warnings

Australian & New Zealand Sites on 419

Scamwatch – Scam information provided by Australian Government
Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud – PDF Download
New Zealand Police – Scam and fraud advice
Scamwatch – Scam information provided by New Zealand Government

Nigerian Sites on 419

EFCC – Nigerian economic & financial crimes commission
Nigerian Embassy – Nigerian embassy fraud alert(1)
Nigerian Embassy – Nigerian embassy fraud alert(2)

419 Scammer Databases – Database of scam emails, phone numbers, and names
Scam Email Repository – Large database of scam emails and information
419 Database – Scams letters, crooks, frauds and security alerts
Nigerian Scam Letter Museum – Examples of Nigerian scam letters
“419” Scam Hall of Shame – 419 advance fee & fake lottery scams
International Investigation Services – Info on fraud, lottery & bank scams.
419 Known Operatives – A list of known Nigerian 419 scam operatives
Example 419 Email Frauds – Scam emails from 2001 to December 2007
Nigerian 419 Scam – Nigerian scam email archives & 419 fraud information
MuguWise Database – A database of 419 scam emails
Nigerian Email Scam Examples – Fraud emails from Africa & around the world
Scamdex – Searchable, indexed archive of scams

Scambaiting Sites

419 Eater – Simply the best scambaiting site & forum on the internet – Scamorama presents the lads from Lagos – My Nigerian pen pals
Scam Joke Page – David Lee Roth vs. the lads
Quatloos – The Brad Christensen exhibit
The Great Nigerian Internet Scam – And the fun you can have with it
La Petit Lessons – Conversations with a Nigerian bank scammer
Ebola Monkey Man – P*ssing off Nigerian scammers one at a time
Nigerian 419 Fraud – Fighting back at Nigerian 419 advance fee fraudsters
Mr Udo Watt – Scam baiter pages
Whats the Bloody Point? – Baiting the Nigerian 419 money scammers
Marxist Detective – Taunting the 419 scammers
Bait a Mugu – Baiting scammers
Scammers Exposed – 419 scammers get pilloried
419 fun – Anti-scam website of two twisted scam baiters
Scambuster 419 – Insight into the world of the 419 advance fee fraudster
Scammertainment – Scamming for fun, not for profit
Donn O – Goofing with Nigerian scammers
Football 419 – The home of arse clowns football club
Trevor & That – Trevor & That’s scambaits
The Kman Site – Kman’s scambaits
419 Baiter – The land of extreme B.S.
419 Zeros – Fake scammer passports, emails and scambaiting
RambleMind 419 – Adventures in scambaiting
Scambait International – Nuking email scam artists
419 game – Reverend Ebenezer Codpiece’s 419 game
Good Morning Nigeria – How to screw with Nigerian 419 scammers

Scambaiting Help & Tips

419 Eater – Scammer baiting hints & tips
Scamorama – Scambaiting pointers
Scambuster – Scambusting tips
419 Fun – Want to try scambaiting?
Wikipedia Article – Scam Baiting

Scambaiting Forums – The best scambaiting forum on the internet

Reporting 419 Fraud

FBI and NW3C – Internet crime complaint centre at IC3
PhoneBusters – Fraud, recognise it, report it, stop it. (Canada)
Recol – Reporting economic crime on-line (Canada) – U.S. postal inspection service
Cybercrime – The Swiss coordination unit for cybercrime control
Efrauda – Romanian cyber crime center
ScamWatch Australia – Recognise, report and protect yourself from scams
Ecops – Belgian internet crime reporting site
Hong Kong Police – Hong Kong technology crime prevention unit

419 Discussions

Delphi Forums – Dubious business offers
Relay Operators – Nigerian scammers using IP relay

Various Other Scam Info Sites & Articles

Cybercrime & Older People
Central Bank Of Nigeria
Bank Safe (money mule)
Counterfeit Checks Fraud
.NExT Web Security
Crimes Of Persuasion
Car Scam Explained
Automobile Fraud (3)
CBS News ‘Bank Scams’
US Government – Advance Fee Fraud
US Government – How To Avoid Scams
Scam Wach
Phishing & Online Scams Info Center
Internet Scam Archive
US Retired Association – Nigerian Fraud
Fraud/Phishing & Scams
eBay Scamkillers
Internet Scambusters
Fraud Email Gallery
Consumer – Scam Alerts